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Common Factors Affecting Gold Rates

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Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
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Most people know gold for its distinct yellow shade and its perceived values as something to covet. For this reason, it remains to be one of the best-known assets or commodities in the world worth investing.

But if you’ve finally made up your mind to jump into the precious metals games, you need to remember that gold’s monetary value emanates from several often contrasting, marketing forces.

No wonder you should always factor in the reasons behind the current Singapore gold rate before making this investment decision. So, before you go out shopping for gold, here is what you should know:

Why Gold Prices Rise and Fall?

The gold price per gram Singapore will always rise due to a combination of many different factors, rather than a single cause. Below are some of the main causes affecting gold prices around the world.


By now you should already be aware of the sheer fact that gold is a highly coveted commodity with numerous uses. Aside from being a precious metal, it is a commodity used in the manufacturing sector. This can be in the form of an electricity conductor, or even a material in life-support.

Not to mention that gold is traded as an investment. Owned in many different forms, investors can choose to own physical gold in the form of gold bullion, coins, or jewelry. That explains why an increased demand for gold typically translates to a surge in the yellow metal’s price.

Gold as a Safe Haven Asset

One of the main reasons why investing in gold will always work to your advantage is that it’s able to store its value in real terms amidst volatile economic weather and offer a hedge against rising costs of living, unlike cash. Actually, central banks have their own gold reserves as a safeguard against financial turmoil.

As a safe haven asset, the price of gold increases with the presence of factors which drive economic uncertainties. Gold prices escalate during periods of volatility due to growing investor demands. Investors can minimize portfolio risks by investing in gold as opposed to equities or bonds.

Final Thoughts

Before visiting a gold necklace Singapore shop, it is always essential that you understand the forces behind its price rise and fall. That way, you will certainly have an easy time once you decide to invest in gold. So, what is keeping you from making this all-important investment decision in Singapore?

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