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Effective Tips to Make Excel Spreadsheets Work Faster

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular applications relied upon in the managing of vital data by both individuals and organizations in different parts of the world. Better, it plays a key role when it comes to carrying out complex calculations. Just as is the case with any other program, you might encounter some issues when using Excel. One such issue is Excel running slow.

Even though it’s quite easy for one to neglect this issue when the data is less, it becomes more profound as you add more data and calculations to the workbook. Depending on the workbook size, Excel formulas and your Personal Computer, the calculations might take more time. In this post, we will share two effective tips to make Excel spreadsheets work faster.

Prevent Volatile Functions

Just in case you do not know, volatile formulas are simply the class of formulas in Excel. These formulas tend to be recalculated whenever there is a change in the workbook. When the worksheet is having a lot of volatile formulas, and no modifications are done, then the entire formulas are re-calculated. This is turn makes the Excel worksheet to be slow.

To prevent this from happening, it would be better to avoid utilizing the volatiles formulas. Alternatively, you can simply make use of a table. Through this action, your Excel spreadsheets are going to be more efficient.

Make use of Named Ranges and Excel Tables

Named Ranges and Excel tables are two of the most essential features responsible for holding data and simplifying references. Even though it might take some time, but it becomes easy and fast the moment you start using.

To have an easy ride, it is highly advisable that you convert data into an Excel Table when creating data-driven dashboards. This will go a long way in making the formulas more understandable, optimize Excel files and improve the speed of workbooks.

You will, therefore, always have an easy time when you are working on Excel spreadsheets. Be sure to do some research if you are to stand the chance of making Excel spreadsheets more efficient.

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