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Things to Remember When Buying an Office Chair

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Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
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With a wide range of options available on the market, choosing a new home office desk chair can feel like an uphill task. Some office chairs are designed for infrequent, brief utility while others are made for daily, heavy usage. And then there are factors like style, finish color, and price to pay attention to.

Before visiting a furniture store and ordering an office chair, it would be ideal to spend some time doing your homework. In this quick, we examine some of the important things to remember when buying an office chair.

How Will You Use It?

Different office chair types have been designed for different uses and office environment. For instance, an executive chair allows for comfortable conversation whether you’re talking directly to a person or using the phone. If you’re battling back issues, you may want to look at task chairs. These chairs have been designed to offer greater back and body support when sitting.

You can also choose to go with ergonomic chairs as they offer great back support and are perfect for heavy computer users who are at a desk for long periods. Ideally, ergonomic chairs should comfortably support your back to maintain an erect posture.

How Does It Adjust?

It is normal for employees to fine-tune their position for various tasks to prevent injury. In this case, settling for an adjustable office chair will work to your advantage. Adjusting the different components should be easy so ensure you can maneuver easily with knobs and levers while seated.

Luckily, today’s chairs come with a variety of mechanisms including height control, tilt tension adjustment, movable lumbar support, and tilt angle control. A swivel chair with casters, on the other hand, allows you to move quickly from one area of your desk to another.

Where Will You Use the Chair?

This is the point where you should factor in the style, color, and dimensions. Does your workplace have carpet or hardwood floors? Consider casters or a swivel chair if you want to move around to access a printer or face a co-worker.

For those setting up a desk in a bedroom or small office, it would be ideal to choose go for a design with a lower back or without armrests to avoid overwhelming the space. You can stay consistent with the rest of the room by choosing the right material also.

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