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What You Need to Know about Phone Number Spoofing

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Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
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Unscrupulous telemarketers and scam artists are always looking for new ways to get people to answer their calls. Most phones have what it takes to screen calls, offering information about the caller when the phone rings. However, an increasingly technique scam artists are now leveraging to falsify or spoof their caller ID information.

With phone number spoofing, the call ID will always display a phone number or other information to make it look like the calls are from a different individual or business. Even though the caller’s information may appear local, the calls are sometimes placed by telemarketers located outside the state or country.

In most cases, spoofing is done with malicious or unscrupulousmotivations by the caller and it has led many people to think that you can no longer trust caller ID. The good news is that there are numerous caller id spoofing prevention tips you can employ for things to work in your favor.

However, it is worth noting that you might struggle to protect your phone number from getting spoofed. After all, numbers are mostly selected at random. For this reason, people aren’t specially targeted. The key defense mechanism is to change your number, but of course, this is a hassle and not something you want to do.

One of the best caller id spoofing prevention techniques worth employing lies in setting or changing your voicemail password. Keep in mind most voicemail or message bank services can be easily accessed by merely calling them from your phone. In the event that someone is spoofing your phone number, then they’ll most likely also have access to all of your messages.

In the event that you are yet to create a password or create a security PIN for your messaging service then there is no other better time to do so than now. Alternatively, you can decide to change the one you currently have just in case the spoofer has gained access to that information.

Rounding Up

For those who might be getting a large number of calls from angry victims of phone scams, then you should consider changing your message bank voice message to explain that your phone number has been spoofed and that you’re really sorry. You should also let anyone who has received a scummy call from you to block your number with immediate effect.

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