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White Kitchen Cabinets Bring Modern Elegance Into Your Home

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Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
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For a long time now, the color white has been a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. From online inspiration ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, to interior design magazine cover pages, and furniture showrooms, both online and offline, white kitchen cabinets exist in abundance.

We sought to unravel the popularity of white-stained drawers to find out whether they are worth it as they seem. Read this article to find out more about the most popular cabinet designs.

Are White Kitchen Cabinets in Style

Considering that white-stained drawers have dominated the interior of homes since the 1980s, their popularity is indeed unquestionable. Despite the emerging trend of colored cabinetry designs in modern interior design, white kitchen cabinets are interestingly still leading in popularity.

These drawers are on-point for the following reasons.

  1. Versatility

Because white–stained drawers come in varieties, they allow homeowners to access uncountable design options, from which they can get designs that perfectly match their tastes. Whether you prefer country-styled or modern-looking cabinet designs, the chances of finding your perfect designs among white-painted cabinet varieties are very high.

White cabinets don’t just vary in terms of style but color as well. Generally, both old and new models feature numerous shades of the color white, from pearl to vanilla, Navajo, eggshell, andmuch more.

  • Functionality

From a functionality perspective, white kitchen cabinets stand out as nothing less than fashionable cabinetry designs. Besides providing a background for blending contrasting shades, these drawers are congenial with many kitchen interiors, from rustic to contemporary-looking types of kitchen interiors.

Currently, homeowners and designers, in equal measure, prefer functionality over visual aesthetics, thanks to trending fashion. In this regard, the functional nature of white-stained drawers in part justifiestheir present unequalled popularity.

  • Beauty and Glamor

Regardless of the shade of color white marking their pristine surfaces, all white-stained cabinet varieties stand out based on physical attractiveness. Generally, these drawers are defined bynot only cleanliness but also beauty, thanks to their classic undertones.

Whether you opt for classic or modern white cabinet varieties, one sure thing you will beamazed at is how trendier these drawers seem in appearance. The good thing about white kitchen cabinets is that they can look great regardless of color, ornaments, or finishes they are paired with.

As one of the top-trending kitchen cabinet designs, white cabinets feature amazing cabinet ideas, of which the most famous include the following.

  • Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

As we already noted in the preceding section, white kitchen cabinets are a versatile cabinet variety. Besides classic designs, white-colored drawer varieties feature different modern-styled cupboard designs, all of which are defined by sophisticated styles marked by expensive accessories.

Therefore, if you prefer incorporating a classic white shade in your modern-styled scullery, then consider going installing modern white cabinets inside it. With their classic shade and modern styling, these drawers are the perfect shot in terms of blending traditional and modern fashion.

  • White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Because of their simpler designs and interesting historical background, shaker-styled kitchen cabinets have enjoyed outstanding popularity for centuries. They were invented during the 18th century by the Shakers, a religious community tied to the United Society of Believers in Second Christ’s Appearing.

As their name suggests, the Shakers were popularly known for shaking in times of prayer. Shaker cabinets have evolved with time to become the go-to cabinet designs of the 21stcentury.

Besides their uniquely simpler yet strongly-built designs, shaker cabinets are eye-catching, functional, and convenient in terms of maintenance. White-stained shaker cabinets should be your preferred design if you love clean, airy, and functional kitchen interiors.

Perfect Paint Colors for a Kitchen with White Cabinets

As you now know, white kitchen cabinets can blend with so many colors. In this regard, you are more likely to be challenged by choosing the perfect colors to mix with these drawers, thanks to the countless options you will have to choose from if you opt for them.

Fortunately, we compiled a list of paint colors you can incorporate in a kitchen with white cabinets. Continue reading to discover the colors you can mix with white-stained cabinets to achieve your dream kitchen interior design.

  1. Warm Greys

Beige shades, including the likes of the color grey, are popular choices for sculleries marked by white paint. In a kitchen with white cabinets, these warm grey shades can look perfect when incorporated on the floors, kitchen hardware, and cabinet parts like countertops.

Considering the contrasting properties of warm grey and white shades, warm greys seem perfect for a kitchen with white cabinets. Thankfully, all versions of warm greys can match both warm and light-toned white cabinetry designs.

  • Black

While the black-and-white color blend is as common as muck in interior design, it has never gone out of style and is still scoring high in popularity. With white kitchen cabinets, the color black should be your first go-to color. You can let it shine on various parts of your kitchen, includingsome parts of the cabinets, for example, countertops, cabinet faces, and fixtures.

You can alternatively go for black-stained kitchen furniture if your kitchen is filled with white cabinets. All in all, there’s no sure way to add a striking visual contrast in a kitchen with white cabinets than incorporating the color black.

  • Green and Blue

The colors green and blue are becoming common in contemporary kitchen interior design. Like warm greys and black, green and blue can look visually distinctive when mixed with white kitchen cabinets.

Fortunately, because of their neutral white stains, white-stained cabinets can splendidly match all shades of green and blue to create an attractive appearance. If you want your pantry to look more natural, you can incorporate the color green in the form of plants or flowers.

Final Thoughts

By getting trendier every day, white kitchen cabinets have managed to enjoy unrivalled popularity for decades and so, prove their worth. These drawers stand out as fashionable in modern interior design based on their functional attributes, visual appeal, and ability to match almost all kitchen designs.

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