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Things to keep in mind with distressed Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchens with distressed cabinets are a common design choice that may give them personality and charm. They have a distinct, rustic appearance that can give your home a cozy, welcoming feel. Most people love to have those looks but often fail to understand the factors that are needed to consider. Therefore, there are a few considerations you should make before deciding to add distressed cabinets to your kitchen. Here are some of them:

Factors to consider with distressed kitchen cabinets

●       Take into account the general layout of your kitchen.

Though they may not be the ideal option for every kitchen, distressed cabinets look great in a variety of kitchen styles. Distressed cabinets could not fit nicely with a sleek or contemporary kitchen. Distressed cabinets, on the other hand, can be a wonderful complement to a kitchen that is more traditional or country in design.

●       Recognize the many distressing tactics

Kitchen cabinets can be distressed using a variety of methods, including sanding, scraping, and painting. Before you begin, it’s crucial to be aware of the distinctions between each technique’s effects. Painting can produce a more subdued, aged appearance while sanding, for instance, produces a harsh, weathered appearance.

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●       Think about the upkeep needed

While distressed cabinets can give your kitchen personality and charm, they might need more upkeep than regular cabinets. They may exhibit indications of wear and tear more quickly than other types of cabinets since they are designed to look aged and worn. Make sure you are prepared to put forth the additional effort necessary to maintain their best appearance.

●       Consider your home’s resale value.

Distressed cabinets can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, but if you intend to sell your house soon, you might want to reconsider. Distressed cabinets may be perceived by some purchasers as being out-of-date or excessively fashionable, which could lower your home’s selling value.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, using distressed kitchen cabinets can be a wonderful way to give your house more personality and charm. However, it’s crucial to take into account your home’s style, design, construction methods, maintenance requirements, and resale value before deciding to add them to your kitchen. You can decide if Distressed Kitchen Cabinets are perfect for you after keeping these facts in mind. Alternatively, you can visit the website of Cabinet DIY to learn more about Distressed kitchen cabinets.

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