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Call to action examples for your website

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A call to action is very important in your online business and your digital marketing campaign. Big businesses with high traffic, heavy indexed pages, and many inbound links still can face a lack of revenue. The reason why you are not generating good revenue even after having such a great base of traffic is that you are not converting those readers into your customers. A well-crafted call to action (CTA) does that for you and converts those into leads and potential customers.

A call-to-action statement prompts your visitors or readers to complete a certain task whether it is to make a sale, sign up to a mailing list, or sign up to newsletters, or anything like this. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best call to action examples you can implement in your online business or digital marketing campaign.

The best call to action examples for your website

  1. Netflix

Netflix uses a very short yet effective call to action statement that says you can sign up to get a free trial. They make it clear in just a few sentences that you can access the platform from anywhere in the world and can also leave the platform if the quality doesn’t match your expectations. With this, they minimize any other distractions and let the customers focus on getting the free trial of the app.

  • Wordstream

The second on the list is Wordstream. It implements a very short yet very effective and noticeable call to action statement that reflects that the tools complete a specific task for absolutely free. The whole background and theme of the website are blue, except the call to action button, which is orange. The different gradient used in the call to action button makes it conspicuous and prompts the customers to try out the free service of the website.

  • Campaign monitor

Campaign monitor presents another great example of putting the call to action button perfectly. The website provides you with mail writing services and is quite popular in the market. The website uses a static call to action button with a striking color along with a moving screen. You should surely learn from the website how you can place your buttons smartly so that the customers can be made to complete a specific task.

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