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Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

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Do you want to get and compare insurance quotes? Maybe you want to understand what goes into the different insurance policies on offer? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider working with insurance agents. Yes1 You’ve heard it right. Insurance agents offer clarification or a second opinion before you finally make this all-important purchase decision.

But for you to get the most from insurance agents, you need to be sure that you’re counting on a reputable one. To make your quest, below are some of the questions to ask before hiring an insurance agent.

What is My Deductible?

Even though it might sound obvious, we can never overemphasize the essence of asking this question while working with an insurance agent. If you ever need to file an insurance claim, do you know what your out-of-pockets cost will be? For those who might not know, a deductible is the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket after suffering an accident before your insurance company chips in.  Be sure to ask your prospective insurance agent about your deductible and check to see if it works within your financial situation.

Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Offer Enough Protection?

Going with the value of your home and belongings, do you have enough coverage? The best insurance agents will always recommend taking inventory and creating a list to determine the proper coverage amount. It doesn’t stop at that since you should also inquire if you need extra insurance based on where you live.

In the event something happens and you’re unable to choose any contractor to repair the damage, or are there contractors the insurance agent prevent. It is also essential to know if your policy includes hotel expenses your home is temporarily unlivable.

Feel free to ask your insurance agent any question in mind before getting into an agreement with them. Keep a close eye on how they respond to your questions as it speaks volumes. If  the agent seems to be hesitant while answering some of the question, then you should take it as a red flag.

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